Sunday, March 27, 2016

From the perspective of ONE

I see many people that been on the path of consciousness as long or longer than me that keep paying energy into the distractions and I'm not posting this to try to change anyone as it is only my perspective or perception.

 In the beginning all there was Source (which I see as a intelligent energy field (consciousness) that is in all that is) Source being in a space where everything is Love, Bliss and Joy, wanted to experience negative emotion as well. So Source created a VIRTUAL 3D reality to play out a duality of Light and Dark . Source then  split itself into a very large group of Loving souls. Then came the time for each to choose their roles in the big play of duality. As all we beautiful Loving souls, no one really wanted to play the dark side. After a period of time a group told the rest that they would play the dark side on one condition. The others asked what the condition was. When the play of duality is over you will have to tell us you Love us so we can remember who we are and come back to the Light. (This is where we are today).
 So at the beginning of the play of duality all the souls chose their parents and laid out their life plan for the experiences they chose to experience for Source, they also chose to live out the life plan unconsciously but the soul or intuition would know the plan and guide them through it.

 Some very beautiful souls have chosen some pretty rough life lessons and if we can understand it from this perspective then there is no reason to judge as all are a fragment of Source and mirror each other. What we see in others is within us too.

 This VIRTUAL 3D reality is fuelled by negative emotion which is energy. If we forgive and tell the dark ones we Love them, we not only take our power back but the VIRTUAL 3D reality will dissolve. It is going to happen no matter what as we are moving into a very positive energy in space but the more Loving we are to all that is, the quicker it will come about.

 EVERYTHING EXTERNAL IS A DISTRACTION as it is part of the illusion that only exists because we pay energy into it.


 A fractal of the ONE